When I was four

2:54 PM

Retro has been a theme for events, parties, home styling even and while I'd love to doll up the house with my granny's hand me downs, going the classic chic still triumphed. 
Yet that did not stop me from remembering the past in places like a couch. 
We made a purchase of a milk cushion, very huggable and made upon order.
 Within 7 days, I received by very squishy cushion and a surprise gift inside!

Storytelling time...
Back in my time, these were given out to children who needed to gain more weight. 
And it was never me, the greedygoose that had no problems with nutrition.
It was already in rectangle cartons though and the triangular ones were a couple years before.

When I was four, our answer to G.O.D. from Hongkong, is a very chic store that stocks items  so cute, I wish I owned all of them. 
One thing though, nostalgia always comes at a price.
The hubba wishes hard I do not entertain any more of those whimsical wants I have. 


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